Stay Healthy! Flu Shot & Humidity

Posted by Nathan Martin Nov 01, 2015

Every year, health care providers and the government endorse the flu shot.  A quick google search and you'll find copius amounts of science based evidence supporting the effectiveness of the flu shot.  Face it, if it didn't work, the flu shot wouldn't be available for free.  

What are some other measures we can take to protect our families and co-workers from the flu this year?

At a recent conference,  I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation from Dr. Stephanie Taylor on the importance of humidity control.  Dr. Taylor is a graduate from Harvard Medical School (MD)  and Norwich University (Masters Architecture).  Her presentation focused on the health benefits of maintaining humidity levels in EVERY building.  (Not just data centres!  Why are computers more important than humans anyway?)   The following video summarizes her presentation.

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