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Urban Tactile Firing Range

Urban Tactical Firing Range

Urban Tactical Firing Range

Urban Tactical Makeup Air

Urban Tactical Fabric Duct Supply







O'Dell Worked with a design build contractor to provide the ventilation requirements for a firing range. Ventilation in a firing range is critical to ensure that the lead discharged from the guns is not aspirated by the users.

To ensure the gunshot residue moves away from the shooter, it is recommended that airflow travels in a laminar fashion at a velocity of 50-100fpm across the firing range.To accomplish this, the ventilation air was delivered by a pair of ICE vertical direct fired makeup air handling units. The ventilation air was delivered from the back of the range, behind the shooter via a semi-circular fabric duct supplied by Prihoda. Using fabric duct in this application provides great flexibility in design and complete customization of the distribution pattern, optimizing air distribution and indoor air quality. The fabric duct was designed and modelled by Prihoda using computational flow dynamics (CFD) software to achieve the desired air pattern and air velocity at the firing line.

The exhaust for the range is provided by a pair of PennBarry ESI mixed flow exhaust fans which intake approximately 30% of their total volume 15 ft downrange of the shooter and the remaining 70% volume above the bullet trap. The exhaust air passes through a HEPA filtration system before being discharged to the outdoors in order to reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants prior to release. While not required by code, this feature was provided at the recommendation of the engineering firm who provided the system guidelines as good engineering practice

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