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St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

The St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is the largest year-round market in Canada. In September 2013, a devastating fire burned down the original building that housed many of the long-time vendor booths. Following the fire, a new wood beam structure was built to maintain the charm of the market. Many of the vendors within the buildings required NFPA kitchen hoods for their operations.

The Challenge

Collins Engineering contacted us to support design of the kitchen hoods and associated controls. With the large number of hoods and associated exhaust airflow, energy efficiency was a priority. The system also had to address the diverse operational challenges of supporting multiple vendors. With limited space for equipment, the complete network of hoods needed to be served by a single exhaust fan and makeup-air handling unit. In addition, the wood structure presented a challenge due to its combustible nature.

The O’Dell Solution

Working with Spring Air Systems, ULC-listed hoods were selected to meet the requirements of each vendor. Each hood was equipped with a two-position Zoneflow damper for individual control of the hood exhaust. When the vendor is cooking, they turn a switch that enables their hood and sends a signal to the TruFlow control panel. The TruFlow control panel opens the associated kitchen hood damper and resets exhaust and supply airflows accordingly. Effectively, the system provides individual hood control by each vendor while being serviced by a single exhaust system.

To address the wood structure, we used Spring Air’s ULC-listed zero-clearance exhaust ductwork. By providing fire-rated, zero-clearance grease ductwork, O’Dell ensured a safe, code-compliant and easy-to-install system that offered cost savings and superior performance.

An additional advantage to the ULC-listed duct is its aesthetics. With a stainless steel jacket and manufactured joints, the ductwork has a clean appearance.

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  • Client: St. Jacobs Farmers' Market


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