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As one of the world’s leading air filtration solutions manufacturers, AAF Flanders, offers the latest advances in the design, analysis, optimization, and monitoring of filtration systems. This saves time and money while reducing risk and allowing you to experience the difference of clean air.

AAF offers different MERV ratings and allows you to upgrade to MERV 11 or MERV 13. O’Dell Associates Ottawa keeps a wide range of filters in stock and even offers custom sizes. We are also able to offer cut pre-filters to create any custom size you require.

If you are looking to improve your air filtration and achieve better indoor air quality to help fight viruses and combat odor issues, AAF Flanders can help. This well-established company offers a quality product and invests heavily into research and development.

Contact O’Dell Associates Ottawa today for your free on-site visit to receive a custom indoor air quality plan.

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  • Competitive pricing
  • Various sizes in stock with free local delivery
  • Different MERV ratings available

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