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Bousquet Express

The Bousquet Express product packs a lot of value into air handling.  Offering a comprehensive line of standardized gas fired makeup air (MUA) solutions with best-in-class technology.  Bousquet Express also offers the incredibly efficient SBE regenerative core energy recovery unit, delivering up to 90% efficient recovery.  The SBE is the perfect fit for your next Net Zero, Decarbonization, or LEED project.

Regenerative Core Energy Recovery

Bousquet SBE Series

Bousquet SBE

  • 3,000 – 12,000 CFM
  • High sensible and latent recovery efficiency, up to 90%+
  • Industrial double-wall construction
  • 2″ cabinet insulation (R8)
  • Low internal pressure loss
  • Indoor or outdoor installation

Direct Fired MUA

With their standard SDME and SDM models, Bousquet has your direct fired air handling requirements covered.

Bousquet SDME

Bousquet SDME

  • Up to 25,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 3,300-MBH
  • 25:1 turndown
  • • 1” neoprene (1.3lbs/pi³) insulation R‐4
  • Horizontal, downward discharge configurations

Bousquet SDM

Bousquet SDM

  • Up to 60,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 7,500-MBH
  • 30:1 turndown
  • Variable airflow capability with exceptional modulation
  • Horizontal, down & top discharge configurations

Indirect Fired MUA

Bousquet LDE

Bousquet LDE

Bousquet LDE indirect-fired MUA with stainless steel tubular heat exchanger.

  • Up to 4,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 400-MBH
  • Up to 20:1 gas turndown for efficiency and comfort
  • Variable airflow capacities from 20-100% modulation
  • Horizontal & down discharge configurations

Bousquet DTHE

Bousquet DTHE

When larger capacities are required, Bousquet has you covered there too.  Look no further than the DTHE with stainless steel drum & tube heat exchanger.

  • Up to 17,000-cfm
  • Gas inputs to 1,875-MBH
  • Up to 31:1 gas turndown for comfort & efficiency
  • Variable airflows from 30-100% capacity
  • Horizontal, down & top discharge configurations

Duct Heaters

Bousquet Express carries a wide range of duct heaters. They range from airflow of 1,481 CFM up to 92,600 CFM and capacity of 48 MBH up to 5,000 MBH output. Duct Heaters are also available in both 80% and 90% efficiency.

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