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EffectiV HVAC

EffectiV HVAC, a Canadian Manufacturer, manufactures and supplies high-performance and innovative architectural diffusers to improve ventilation in commercial and institutional buildings.

EffectiV offers a large selection of specialty diffusers to help improve thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in a wide variety of applications. Their appealing designs bring a perfect balance between architectural requirements and mechanical engineering objectives.

Their products include high induction swirl diffusers, linear diffusers, nozzle jet diffusers, adjustable diffusers, thermodynamic diffusers, and constant air volume dampers.


High Induction Adjustable Square Swirl Diffuser

AXO high induction swirl diffusers greatly help improve comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings when compared to standard diffusers. AXO series can supply high volume of air at relatively low sound power and has a high tolerance to air flow variation and the angle of the duct when entering the diffuser. They offer a very reliable performance and are ideal for VAV applications.

AXO diffusers can be adjusted to supply the air in a swirl pattern (default), directional patterns and vertical downward patterns.

AXO diffusers also have the capabilities to come in UV formats

UV Diffusers combine high efficiency Filtration, UV-C Germicidal Irradiation and High Induction Diffusion of the air coming from the ventilation system in the room – a perfect combination to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases in commercial and institutional buildings.

They act as a shield protecting the room from potential contamination of the recycled air.

UV Diffusers are highly efficient, compatible with existing systems, easy to install and to maintain. For more information about UV Diffusers, visit the UV Diffusers Website at

High induction diffusers deliver the air with a high discharge velocity, mixing the air more efficiently than any other diffuser in a 360-degree diffusion pattern. AXO diffusers offer a very reliable performance in VAV applications in both heating and cooling.

360 Degrees Adjustable Sectors Diffuser

PLAY is the only adjustable diffuser allowing for a full 360 degree horizontal adjustment of the airflow. This unique feature significantly improves thermal comfort in shared office spaces where people have different tolerances to temperature and air drafts. It is also used in other commercial applications where adjustments may be desired. Each round sector can rotate 360 degrees. The diffuser is easily adjusted from the face.

PLAY is available in square (PLAY-S) round (PLAY-C) and rectangular (PLAY-R) shapes.

PLAY diffusers also have the capabilities to come in UV formats

PLAY-UV adjustable UV diffuser features a 360-degree adjustment of the airflow combined with a high discharge velocity to provide better mixing of the new air with room air. The result is an improved room ventilation and faster removal of contaminants. Another benefit is a significant improvement of occupants’ thermal comfort. Better air mixing can also help optimizing the performance of the HVAC system and reduce energy consumption.

Architectural Concave Elements Swirl Diffuser

More than just an architecturally appealing air diffuser, the NEX supplies air in a high induction swirl airflow pattern for maximum efficiency and comfort. NEX is one of the most stable and reliable commercial ceiling diffusers.

Introducing Verified by EffectiV

Verified is a computer fluid dynamics (CFD) service offered by EffectiV to simulate the airflow in one room.

The service delivers reports with a precise and realistic representation of the airflow, thermal comfort and indoor

air quality in the room. The CFD simulation conditions are set to match the actual operating conditions of the room, including room size, shape, location, temperature, humidity and occupancy levels.

The CFD simulations are made in accordance with the method proposed in ASHRAE Standard 62.1 – 2022 – Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

To prepare for the simulation, we recreate your room in a 3D environment and set the positioning of diffusers and returns, windows, occupants, and objects in the room.

Once the room is ready, you provide us with the operating conditions that you would like to simulate, for instance a VAV system in heating and cooling, the outdoor temperatures, supply temperatures and set points. It is possible to test multiple operating conditions, however each operating condition requires a new CFD simulation.

The reports provided include visual representations of the air velocity, air temperature, mean age of air, thermal comfort (PMV/PPD), CO2 particles per million (CO2 PPM) and Ez Factor everywhere in the room, with views from different angles.

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