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Often building owners struggle to balance indoor air quality measures, energy conservation, construction costs and operational expenses.  With conventional design strategies, these goals are typically in conflict with each other.  EnVerid shifts this paradigm, aligning these goals with the application of their HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) modules and Air Purifiers.

HLR Module (HVAC Load Reduction)

High-ventilation rates result in increased energy bills—and no one likes that!  enVerid offers the HLR “smart scrubber” that cleans the inside air instead of constantly replacing it with outside air.  The enVerid HLR Module employs the IAQ ventilation procedure in ASHRAE 62.1 to minimize prescribed ventilation by cleaning the indoor air using patented reusable sorbents.

O’Dell makes it easy for you to see how enVerid enhances your next project.  Send along your ASHRAE 62.1 Ventialtion Rate Procedure (VRP) calculations and we’ll turnaround a report applying the HLR module and IAQ procedure for your consideration.

Intrigued? Wondering how this may fit into your designs?

  • One (1) enVerid HLR 1000 scrubs enough CO2 to offset 180 occupants
  • Typical ventilation air reduction : 2-3,000-cfm per HLR
  • Consider enVerid on any project greater than 15,000-ft2

Covid-19 concerns?  enVerid addresses those head on!

enVerid’s HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR) products use their Sorbent Ventilation Technology™ to improve indoor air quality and reduce HVAC costs in all commercial building types. Sorbent Ventilation Technology improves indoor air quality by removing contaminants generated by building materials, furniture, and cleaning supplies from indoor air, and by reducing the intake of outside air polluted by exhaust from highways and airports, smoke from industrial parks and wildfires, pollen, and ozone.

Air Purifier

The enVerid Air Purifier is an in-room, ceiling mounted True HEPA air cleaner with optional UVC lamps that captures 99.99% of viruses including a surrogate for the COVID-19 virus. Suitable for offices, classrooms, retail stores, and other commercial applications looking for a long-term, commercial-grade local HEPA solution, the product delivers a low cost, easy to install, ultra-quiet, and energy efficient alternative to costly HVAC system upgrades. Units can be mounted below the ceiling where their visibility provides peace of mind, or out of sight in the ceiling plenum. Each unit comes with a wall-mounted LCD display controller for easy monitoring and control. The enVerid Air Purifier can be used in conjunction with their HLR units or independently.


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