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Innovent offers unlimited possibilities in custom air handling. Capacities range from a few hundred CFM to over 200,000. Exceptional refrigeration capabilities provide packaged systems from 5 to over 300 tons. Regardless of the demands and rigours of your application, Innovent has the solution.

Product Categories

Custom Air Handlers (C-Series) — Large-scale, high-capacity systems custom engineered to deliver precision control in critical environments.

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Energy Recovery (E-Series) — Select from a wide array of energy recovery options to maximize energy transfer between separate air streams with tremendous design flexibility.

Desiccant Dehumidification (D-Series) — For low-humidity spaces controlled to tight tolerances, including surgical suites, ice rinks and archive storage.

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Pool Dehumidification (P-Series) — Deliver optimum amounts of fresh air, rather than recycled stale, indoor air, for a healthier, more comfortable swimming pool environment.

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Algonac MS - ERU HP Unit

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