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With innovation and devotion at its heart, Neptronic engineers, manufactures, and distributes reliable and long-lasting products for the HVAC industry since 1976. All of their intelligent controllers, electronic actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers, and electric heaters are Canada-made by their private corporation.


Manage humidity in critical applications

SKE4 – Resistive electric steam humidifier

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The resistive heating elements of the SKE4 transform electrical energy into heat that boils the water, producing steam. The process allows mineral-free, odorless and sterile steam to be generated quickly with any type of water.

SKR – Electric Resistive Humidifiers

Major innovations from the established SK300 series have been incorporated in the Neptronic SKR to provide the most reliable humidifier system for the residential market.

SKG4 – Gas Fired Humidifier

The SKG4 gas fired humidifier generates mineral free, odorless, sterile steam by using the power of natural gas or propane. Cost of operation and its carbon footprint is much lower than electric humidifiers with equivalent control accuracy.

SKS4 – Steam to Steam Humidifier

The SKS4 humidifier provides chemical free steam by using an on-site central boiler or steam generating station as a heat source. The raw steam under pressure from the boiler provides the energy to produce clean, sterilized steam through a heat exchanger.

SKD – Direct Steam Injection Humidifier

Multi-Steamtm Distribution

  • Custom designed to meet your requirements
  • Unique Electronic Steam Controller (SKDESC)
  • Available patent-pending HD technology
  • Available patent-pending Pressurized Condensate Return (PCR) System

SKH – High Pressure Atomizer

The SKH uses water through a high pressure system to produce a fine mist. By way of the adiabatic process, the SKH uses energy (heat) from the surrounding air to evaporate the fine mist (water droplets). This provides very low energy impact with power consumption values of 2 HP to 10 HP (1.5kW to 7.5kW), which is much lower than other technologies of equivalent capacity, such as steam, compressed air, or ultrasonic systems.

SKV – Evaporative Cooling Humidifier

SKV - EvaporativeIn an evaporative humidifier, water is supplied to the top of the evaporative module and flows down the wet media (like a waterfall). Warm dry air passes through the wet media, evaporates water and thus raises the humidity level. The SKV also offers up to 12°C (21.5°F) of cooling as a result of the transfer of energy when the water evaporates.

Steam Distribution Systems

  • Absorption distance of less than 3 feet (1 meter)
  • Stainless steel manifold welded or collapsible
  • Custom built for any size duct
  • Vertical distribution span for maximizing surface area

HRO – Wall Mount Humidity Controller

  • Combination humidifier controller and room humidistat
  • Built-in humidification and dehumidification sequences
  • Stand-alone or BACnet
  • 4 inputs and 6 outputs
  • Fully configurable PID on all ramps

Full Range Electric Heaters

Neptronic were one of the first companies to offer full backnet communication system on electric heaters. They offer a wide range of customizable electric duct heaters can adapt to your specific space and comfort heating needs. With customizable sizes and heating capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1000 kW, Neptronic offers simple insert-style designs to fit your in-store local dedicated ductwork as secondary/auxiliary heating.

Compact make-up Air Unit

Neptronic’s Compact Make-up Air Unit (CMU) is engineered to ensure that your home, office or building’s stale air is replaced with fresher and healthier air. In such environments, many contaminants hover unseen, whether it be the remnants of your scented candles, the particles of the meal you last cooked or even floating bacteria. The CMU removes these invisible threats from the air where quality is vital.

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