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NovelAire provides innovative humidity conrtrol solutions to residential, commercial and industrial markets of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry. NovelAire has attained a reputation for innovation, flexibility, and superior product quality and customer service. The company also supplies products to the automotive, power generation and other industries.

NovelAire desiccant wheels and dehumidifiers are installed in hospitals, retail facilities, supermarkets, office buildings, clean rooms, industrial sites, and other dehumidification applications where corrosion protection, condensation control, and mold and mildew control are needed.

Desiccant Wheels

For desiccant-based humidity control applications, NovelAire developed a state-of the-art, temperature resistant substrate that incorporates the latest breakthrough in adsorbent desiccant technology. Our patented substrate allows for a substantial increase in moisture removal while keeping the energy requirements low.

We can replace your existing desiccant & energy recovery wheels! With state-of-the art technology, combined with industry renowned customer service and rugged, quality products, make NovelAire the reliable choice.

  • Available in standard cassettes with 8” (200mm) media depth
  • Wheels for air volumes up to 45,000 cfm
  • ULC listed
  • Available in various desiccant types to meet the needs of all applications

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Commercial Dehumidifers

NovelAire Technologies offers a variety of commercial dehumidifiers to meet the requirements of various dehumidification applications.

Re-circulating Dehumidifiers

Recirculating (return air) DES/DX units are highly efficient dehumidifiers that combine the benefits of both desiccant dehumidification and DX cooling. The condenser waste heat from the refrigeration cycle is captured and used to regenerate the desiccant wheel in order to achieve further dehumidification.

This combination of DX cooling with a desiccant rotor avoids overcooling and eliminates the need for reheat. Consequently, operating cost savings of up to 40% can be realized when compared to the traditional method of DX overcooling followed by reheat.

  • Standard models available in the range of 300-10000cfm.
  • Provides “real” independent humidity control.
  • Saves energy by maintaining comfort at higher set point temperatures.
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and dust mite growth by maintaining relative humidity below 50%.
  • Dehumidifies without raising the supply temperature.

Dedicated Outside Air Dehumidifiers

The DES/DX with ERV includes an energy recovery wheel to exchange enthalpy between the exhaust and the outside air prior to the pre-cooling coil.  Incorporating the ERV into the DES/DX system tempers the outside air, eliminating significant compressor tonnage and thereby reducing the overall energy consumption considerably. Make-up air is then efficiently dehumidified prior to entering the space.

Outside air is cooled and dehumidified through one or more refrigeration circuits prior to entering the desiccant wheel.  The desiccant wheel provides additional dehumidification while returning the air temperature back to space neutral conditions (but much lower %RH).  Waste condenser heat is used to reactivate the desiccant wheel.

  • Ultra energy efficienct process for outside air treatment while achieving low supply air dewpoints.
  • Standard models available from 2000-10000cfm.
  • Winter heating and post-cooling options available.

Cold Environment Dehumidifiers

Designed specifically to dehumidify low temperature spaces such as ice rinks and cold storage facilities this highly efficient system combines refrigerant based dehumidification with desiccant technology to dehumidify spaces kept at colder temperatures. The unique design allows the unit to achieve below freezing dew points with above freezing evaporator temperatures. The innovative method of using a desiccant wheel to move moisture around the evaporator results in a lower supply air dew point at a very high compressor COP of 5 – 5.5.

  • High energy efficiency for cold environment applications.
  • Standard models available from 1000-12000cfm.
  • Ideal for refrigerated warehouse and ice rink applications.

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