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Plastec Ventilation

Plastec Ventilation Inc. manufacturers a comprehensive line of high-quality corrosion resistant polypropylene fans and blowers. Superior selection for corrosive, chemically laden, humid, hazardous gases/fumes, and air environments.

Plastec Ventilation Inc. fans and blowers are dedicated to the needs of Laboratories & Pharmaceutical facilities, Fume Hood Extraction Systems, Chemical Storage Facilities, Agricultural Facilities, Natatoriums and Water Parks, Waste/Water Treatment Plants, Oil & Mining Industries, Battery (EV & BESS) Storage Industries, Maritime Environments, Coastal Resort/Hotel Saltwater Environments, Commercial HVAC Industry, Crematorium Industry, Industrial Scrubber Facilities, and many other industries.

The Plastec Ventilation’s broad line of ventilation solutions includes utility blowers, explosion resistant blowers, stack systems, and accessories.
Plastec Ventilation products are AMCA Worldwide Certified for Sound and Air, Spark “A” Rated.

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