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Prihoda Fabric Duct

Prihoda is one of the top Fabric Diffusers and Ducting manufacturers in the world. They are best known for their fabric duct, but also have a line of pre-fabricated metal duct.

Fabric Duct

Fabric Duct can be of various cross sections, any size and any length within the given realistic technical range. Implemented designs are always based on customer requirements. Everything is conveniently shipped directly to you for easy install.

Prihoda ducts are available in more than just full round. Semi and quarter circle ducts, as well as elbows and transitions, can be included in the design.

Air Distribution

Diffusion options are available with a wide range of options, from micro-perforations for low-flow air dispersion to high-velocity nozzles for sweeping air distribution. These can also be combined as the need arises. Pools, for example, often use low-velocity perforations on the pool side, with nozzles opposite to sweep the windows for condensate!


Prihoda uses specially developed polyester fabrics, which have gone through an extensive development to maximize functional and aesthetic value. They allow you to customize the fabric with your logo or other images and text to create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean and maintain the fabric duct?

Textile diffusers can be washed in regular washing machines. Washing labels with corresponding maintenance symbols are sewn on next to the zipper of every diffuser part. The entire process is very easy and effective.

What is the lifespan and warranty?

Prihoda fabric diffusers have a long lifespan. They are not prone to corrosion or other material deterioration. There is also a 10-year warranty for most of the fabrics.

What is the installation process?

In comparison with sheet metal ducting, the installation of the fabric diffusers is very easy and fast. On average, it will take you only 20% of the time you would need for the assembly of sheet metal ducting. Textile diffusers and ducting also weight less than 5% in comparison with the weight of sheet metal ducting. This means they can be easily handled, and they represent a minimal load for roof structures.

Prihoda offers many suspension options that are suitable for many different types of operation or rooms.

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