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SKYPLUME Technologies (a division of Plasticair Inc.)

SKYPLUME induced flow stack system technology employs a unique patented discharge nozzle that entrains additional ambient air, diluting exhaust from laboratories or noxious processes to reduce exhaust contaminant concentrations. More important, the addition of the ambient air increases the SKYPLUME discharge wind band mass flow rate and velocity, resulting in greater nozzle discharge momentum, displacing the diluted effluent high above the roof line.

How SKYPLUME Induction Technology Works

  • Laboratory Exhaust is drawn into the SKYPLUME Fan
  • The Exhaust is discharged into the SKYPLUME induction nozzle while ambient dilution air is induced into the SKYPLUMETM wind band
  • This addition of induced dilution air is discharged at high velocity to atmosphere

Benefits of SKYPLUME Technologies

Their Wind band and nozzle provides advanced geometry to efficiently induce, dilute and propel primary and outside air. They not only add more mass and dilution but velocity is also optimized.  The SKYPLUME design is the premium product for momentum vs HP, which provides greatest efficiency when considering dilution rate/plume height vs HP. It is important that exhaust plume heights be great enough to avoid re-entrainment of exhaust into make-up air units or public areas. The effective stack height and dilution rates should be considered when analyzing overall HVAC system design.

Why Choose SKYPLUME Technologies

  • Proven experience in providing Complete FRP Induced flow fan Energy Recovery Exhaust Systems as well as Induced flow fan components to compliment alternate ER units.
  • Material selection that provides rust proof protection with a lifetime warranty against failure due to rust while still competing cost wise against larger painted steel products and systems.
  • Products meet site standards such as AMCA 210-300-260 and delivered to site with AMCA Seal
  • Design and fabricate the highest (Momentum) exit conditions that provides optimum protection against toxic exhaust re-entrainment back into the building
  • Provides the greatest Momentum for the least amount of Electrical Energy
  • SKYPLUME stack Geometry provides consistent positive flow the exit wind band area with or without weather conditions.

SKYPLUME offers extended limited warranty on parts for 25 years against failure due to corrosion or UV degradation on the FRP laminate for stacks, fan and plenum housings. SKYPLUME also offers extended limited warranty on parts for 3 or 7 years on the entire system.  Call Odell Associates for further details on a project by project basis.

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