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Spring Air Systems

Spring Air designs, engineers, and manufactures a wide range of ventilation systems and products for the commercial kitchen environment.  They have earned an industry reputation for reliability, innovation, and reduced operating costs. The goal is to create a safe, healthy, and functional environment for kitchen staff and a pleasurable experience for diners – all in the most energy-efficient way.

They offer complete ventilation systems along with individual components, all known for their precision engineering and high-quality construction. Their systems can be found in a wide range of settings – fine dining venues with open kitchens and chain restaurants, to food courts, cafeterias and institutional kitchens.

Exhaust Hoods

They manufacture a wide range of hoods that provide low exhaust flow using the efficiency of natural convection, individual adjustable settings to match the appliances, and the comfort needs of the staff.  The DynaFlow and RevLow hood lines are the most popular lines and are known for their low air flow and energy efficiency.

If first cost economics are key, SpringAir also offers their Redivent hoods to get any operation going without breaking the bank.  A great option for applications with limited operational hours.


Spring Air Systems engineers and manufacturers the TruFlow demand ventilation controller which is the cornerstone of their energy-efficient ventilation systems. The models are designed for different kitchen sizes, appliance line-ups, energy savings goals and budgets. The TruFlow constantly monitors and calibrates exhaust air to match appliances in use, enabling exhaust hoods and fans, volume dampers and supply air units to work perfectly in unison with one another while maximizing energy efficiency.

They also offer a variety of other controllers with more basic functions, which manage individual ventilation components.  All of their controllers are equipped with auto-start function to meet requirements of NFPA.

Exhaust Filtration Systems

The KES exhaust filtration system is a great solution for difficult ventilation installations. By filtering grease and smoke particulate it allows air to be exhausted at street level. The system enables commercial kitchens to be built in high-rise towers without the need for costly ductwork to the roof.

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