Celebrating 35 Years in Business!

Valent designs and manufactures dedicated outdoor air handling units that require robust cabinets and components to effectively condition 100% outdoor air — on the coldest winter day or the most humid summer day.


Valent was one of the first to specialize in high outdoor air units, which can be more challenging to design than recirculated air units.

Valent’s energy recovery portfolio is diverse to meet most project requirements. Valent understands application subtleties, like boosting efficiency with energy wheels that modulate to address changing outdoor conditions, or enthalpy core heat exchangers with no moving parts.



Valent uses quality components and can build in numerous configurations. Casings are sturdy, easy to maintain, have multiple access doors, and are well insulated.

Valent’s commitment to quality is evident in everything from their engineered designs to extensive end of line testing.


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