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Verano by MDL Solutions

Incorporated in Canada during 2008, the family business combines several main achievements and ideology from European Ancestry dating back over 250 years. Their strength comes from understanding their customers need to build the highest quality, most energy efficient, leading-edge products. Their customers range from condo developers, building management, to commercial builders and institutional (schools).

The core of their business is the state-of-the-art equipment they design while ensuring efficiency remains best-in-class.  Verano equipment is the optimal solution for low water temperature applications, with exceptional heat outputs at entering water temperatures as low as 110oF.  This ensures your condensing boiler can operate at peak efficiency.

Verano offers the following hydronic solutions.

  • Trench Heaters – natural convection and fan assist options for heat, cool & ventilation.
  • Perimeter Heating – low temperature models with coils suited for heat-pump designs.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Fan Coils – EC Motors, Low Profile Designs, High Efficiency hydronic coils
  • Steel Panel Radiators – Architectural and esthetic design to enhance the look and performance of perimeter heating.
  • Bench & Facade Heaters – speciality product built to seamlessly integrate heating into the building construction.

All products are tailored to suit the building, with site measurements and field coordination done by O’Dell

O’Dell works with Architects, Engineers and Contractors to help bring their visions to life employing Verano customizable solutions. We’re defining the way buildings heat, cool and ventilate.

Contact O’Dell Associates today to add this innovative product into your project and not only bring functionality, but incredible design and efficiency.

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