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WaterFurnace’s line of water source heat pumps are redefining expectations in the commercial market. Variable capacity, active humidity control, multi-zone capabilities, communicating control systems, and outdoor air management are just a few of the innovations that WaterFurnace is developing in one of the industry’s broadest WSHP product lines. We also offer an entire range of chiller products that extend the system into central station plant designs.

Water Source Heat Pumps

WaterFurnace is synonymous with geothermal and water source heat pumps.  Their comprehensive product solutions can meet the demands of any project!

Water-to-air heat pumps ranging from 0.5 to 30-tons with impressive efficiencies up to 25-EER and 7.4-COP!

Water-to-water heat pumps from 1.5 to 15-tons and efficiencies of 15.8-EER and 4.6-COP.


WaterFurnace chillers are the perfect fit for commercial and industrial applications. Providing high volume hot or chilled water, they feature efficient compressors, impressively smart communicating controls, remote monitoring options, and integration into building automation systems. Large in capacity (up to 275-tons) but compact in size, these units will provide water heating and cooling for a wide range of applications.

WC Modular Scroll Chiller

WaterFurnace Commercial Solutions Group is excited to announce the launch of the WC Modular Scroll Chiller available in 20-80 ton sizes.  It’s R-410A dual scroll compressors provide high efficiency and unmatched capacity control while the modular cabinet design is perfect for multiple chiller bank installations.  Add in the industry-first removable 6-pipe header rack, and the system can provide simultaneous heating and cooling with industry-leading efficiencies.  The WC Modular Scroll Chiller is designed for convenient installation, efficient water heating and cooling, and ease of service down the road.

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