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Listowel Technology Inc.

Listowel Technology Inc.


Project Details

Listowel Technology Inc. is a world-class supplier of high-quality automotive parts with advanced capabilities including product design, prototyping and mass production.

Working alongside Conestogo Mechanical, O’Dell was asked to replace the existing humidification system in the plant’s paint kitchen.

The Challenge

The paint kitchen’s existing humidification system was a source of continual upkeep and repair as a result of the feed water quality. Due to the frequency of maintenance issues, the paint kitchen was served by two humidification units with 100% redundancy to ensure minimal downtime.

Given the products stored and dispensed in the paint kitchen, the space has an explosion-proof rating. This detail was an important factor in determining humidity distribution and control.

The O’Dell Solution

Although direct replacement was one option, we also offered an in-space humidification solution: Nortec ML. This system uses a high-pressure pump (1,000 psi) to circulate water to each space where it is distributed through atomizing nozzle solutions. To address varying applications, it has many nozzle configurations.

The client saw additional benefits that could be delivered with an adiabatic in-space solution. Namely, by increasing the capacity of the pump module, the system could be extended to serve areas within the plant where dust suppression was desired. Accordingly, the project scope was increased to address both the paint kitchen humidification and plant dust suppression.

O’Dell recommended the Nortec MLRO 300 high-pressure pump module to provide humidification. In addition to delivering 660 lb/hr of humidification capacity, the system included an on-board water softener and a reverse osmosis water conditioning system. The water conditioning system was upgraded during the installation when water samples were taken by Nortec’s installation crew.

The ML Flex distribution system was used in the paint kitchen. This solution addressed the explosion-proof rating of the space and the relatively low ceiling height of 10 feet.

In both of the selected duct suppression spaces, we installed ML Princess distribution heads. These heads are equipped with a ring of nozzles with enhanced fan-assisted distribution—a great fit as this ensured moisture was well distributed, effectively suppressing dust.

The installed system has a connected load of 452 lb/hr and is broken down as follows: paint kitchen (100 lb/hr), dust suppression spaces (176 lb/hr) each. This leaves an additional 200 lb/hr for future expansion of the system to other areas of the plant.

O’Dell delivered on all the requirements and challenges of the project.

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