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South London Community Pool- Dectron

The City of London was looking to replace a 20+ year old Dectron unit at the South London Community Pool. O’Dell Associates worked with the engineer (Dillon Consulting) to provide multiple options for a new unit. However, due to space limitations upgrading to a new unit was going to be difficult and would require roof work to bring the unit into the mechanical room. All of these obstacles were causing the project to go way over budget.

O’Dell is known to be leaders in Pool Dehumidification solutions, so the City of London asked us to look for alternate ways to make this job fit within budget.

O’Dell decided to take this challenge to the next level and brought Dectron on board to assess the old unit. Since the existing unit body was still in good shape and could be reused, we proposed a complete replacement of all the unit’s internal components.

After reviewing the significant savings this option would bring, the City of London decided to go with this approach. The job went out to tender, and Arcon Electric was awarded the job.

Arcon was given a short timeframe with only one month to complete the job. Due to the strict time limit, O’Dell monitored the entire process daily and coordinated between the different parties to make sure products arrived on time.  Additional time was saved by providing a detailed list of refrigerant components to TSSA for pre-approval.  This also avoided possible difficulty of changing any refrigeration component after installation.

Arcon did a great job and was able to complete the job on time.

Throughout the project we faced some product delays due to COVID19 and associated supply chain issues. O’Dell knew the importance of completing this job on time and put a lot of pressure and effort to our manufacturers to deliver on time.

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Project was delivered on time
Cost savings by replacing all of the unit’s internal components

Project Details:

  • Client: City of London
  • Contractor: Arcon Electric
  • Engineer: Dillon Consulting
  • Manufacturer: Dectron


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