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Wellington County Humidification Upgrades- Condair Electronics

Project Scope

During the peak of COVID-19, the County of Wellington was looking at ways to improve the indoor air quality in their municipal buildings, including libraries and daycares. They wished to explore their options to decrease the risk of airborne transmission for the employees and building occupants.


The Solution

We looked at several different solutions endorsed by ASHRAE to improve indoor air quality, including filtration, UV disinfection & humidification. In consultation with the owner, humidification was determined to deliver the most value to tackle airborne viruses.  Site visits with contractor Cordes Enterprises Inc. established Condair EL electric humidifiers as the best solution, given the calculated loads.



The project improved air quality in the older municipal buildings and carried more benefits than just COVID protection. Libraries that previously had no humidity control are now benefitting from it, helping to preserve its contents including books and furniture from drying out.

Here is what, Josh Cordes, Owner of Cordes Enterprise Inc. had to say about working with O’Dell Associates on this project.

“Working with O’Dell on this humidification project was a great experience and everything went smoothly!”- Josh Cordes, Owner, Cordes Enterprise Inc.

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Improve IAQ in city libraries and daycares

Project Details:

  • Client: County of Wellington
  • Contractor: Cordes Enterprises Inc.


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