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Envent Air Handling

Envent was founded with the objective to provide high-quality air handling solutions in the commercial and industrial HVAC marketplace.   Envent focuses on providing air handling units that have the flexibility to meet each individual project’s requirements, from large to small.

Envent has been known for providing industry-leading gas fired equipment, but is also strong with hydronic or hybrid heating and cooling solutions.  Combining this capability with our knowledge and application of all energy and heat recovery technologies (wheel, plate, or regenerative core) we can ensure your project is tailored to your needs.

Another strength of Envent is integrated DX applications, from simple heat/cool staged arrangements, to digital and inverter scroll applications where tight control of space temperature is required. We can provide this technology in both air and water cooled varieties, as well as custom air source heat pump applications.

Behind all of this is an engineering team with decades of combined real world experience. Our team strives to support the consulting engineers and our contracting customers with knowledge-based solutions to provide the right fit, at the right cost to ensure each project is completed on time, on budget with the right solution.

Envent has the knowledge and capacity to fully replace and support you with any of your existing Enmar, ICE equipment, or parts.

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