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Panasonic’s energy recovery, air purification and ventilation expertise ensures your homes and workplaces have the freshest, cleanest air possible, free of harmful substances so that only the healthiest air remains.

Panasonis Energy Star Whisper ventilation fans are synonymous with quality.  Their versatile lineup of ceiling and inline fans provide quiet & efficient solutions for your exhaust requirements.  Offering standard builder pack solutions to fans equipped with revolutionary DC motors with SmartFlow technology there is an option for your next project.



Panasonic IntellieBallance energy recovery ventilators refresh indoor spaces by bringing fresh air in from the outside and venting out harmful CO2, allergens and moisture from stuffy, damp indoor air.  Their energy performance is best in class, boasting up to 84% sensible effectiveness.

WhisperAir Repair

WhisperAir Repair

Breathe easier and feel energized with cleaner, fresher, well-ventilated air with WhisperAir Repair.  This stand-alone unit utilizes patented nanoeX charged water particle generation technology to purify contaminated air. The hydroxyl radicals produced to inhibit the growth of allergens and break down hazardous substances for improved occupant health.  WhisperAir Repair can be installed in any space where your want to Breathe Well.

Learn more about WhisperAir Repair. 

Swidget Smart Controls

Swidget Smart Controls can be added to a wide range of Panasonic ventilation and air conditioning solutions to ensure the air you are breathing is always fresh. Using a variety of sensors that measure motion, temperature, humidity, and air quality, Swidget Smart Controls work with Panasonic’s Breathe Well technology to detect and remove unhealthy or contaminated air. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can rest assured that the quality of the air you’re breathing is always fresh and healthy.

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