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19 Centrepointe Dr.

Two new multi-residential towers have just been built in Ottawa at 19 Centrepointe and we were excited to be apart of this new build. Led by the engineering expertise of Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates (GWAL) and executed by Dilfo Mechanical, this project has been a testament to collaboration, meticulous planning, and the use of top-quality products.




Engineering Excellence:

The team at O’Dell Associates left no stone unturned in ensuring the project’s success. They worked diligently to present products that met the stringent approval criteria set by GWAL. The trust placed in O’Dell Associates by GWAL was exemplified when we needed to provide extra Pennbarry fans after the initial design was adjusted.


Unrivaled Product Range:

For 19 Centrepointe Dr., O’Dell was able to showcase many aspects of our expertise with regards to supplying ventilation products.

One specific item on the massive list of equipment, other than the over 3500 Krueger grilles and diffusers, was our ability to assure Dilfo Mechanical that we would be there to assist in the supply and installation of a Wilkinson Chutes garbage chute, and waste management system for each of the two towers.

O’Dell staff in Ottawa have several decades of experience in supplying Chutes, and in the recent decade, we have introduced waste management systems, formerly referred to as “tri sorters”.  These systems allow the user at the condo, to select the track of their refuse, be it waste, plastic recycle, or paper and cardboard recycle, right at the chute.  Fibre optic cable is drawn between the floors, in order for each control panel to communicate with the mother board.  Coordinating floor heights, delivery of specific components of the chute, such as the roof vent pipe, falls on our Project Management Team who ensure all pieces come together.

We have teamed up with a local installer of chutes, and we work with them to assure floor heights are measured, and also see to it that the Contractor is familiar with and comfortable with the rules and regulations in regards to the install of the compactor section of the chute. Much goes into a “simple garbage chute”, especially when dealing with the more complex waste management systems, and O’Dell Associates Ottawa has leveraged our experience, along with our association with the local experts, in order to give Dilfo Mechanical the confidence to allow us to supply this prestigious project in it’s entirety.



The 19 Centrepointe Dr. project in Ottawa stands as a shining example of successful collaboration, meticulous engineering, and the use of high-quality products. The partnership between O’Dell Associates and Dilfo Mechanical, backed by their established track record, played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional results.

  • Contractor: Dilfo Mechanical
  • Engineer: Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates
  • Manufacturer: Krueger & Wilkinson Chutes
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