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Ventura Foods

The incumbent service contractor, A/C Air Systems, at Ventura Foods in Etobicoke called in O’Dell Associates to advise on clogging issues in one of their pneumatic conveyor systems.  This pneumatic conveyor system was used to transport dry cocoa from a bag hopper to the nearby kettles.

Due to the warm humid climate in the plant, the cocoa powder was absorbing moisture that eventually congealed in the conveyor.  This resulted in unacceptable process downtime to clear the obstructions.

The Solution

After reviewing the process, it was recommended that a desiccant dehumidifier be installed to provide dry air at the air inlet to the pneumatic conveyor system.

A Novelaire DH1000 desiccant dehumidifier was installed outside the bag hopper room.  The dehumidifier supply was ducted to discharge directly above the conveyor inlet.   Return air to the dehumidifier is taken from the hopper room and the door to the hopper room is now kept closed when in use.  Recirculating the air back to the dehumidifier achieved a -3 deg. F dewpoint discharge over the conveyor inlet and maintained the hopper room at a 35 deg. F dewpoint.



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